Automatic sardine packing machine Flash-Pack ®

A machine designed to perform the automatic de-heading, evisceration, washing and packing of sardines or similar species.

Automatic tuna classification system; Tunascan

The first scanner in the world that classifies tuna by species, size and quality. Standalone equipment, classifies pieces between 1 kg and 80 kg at speeds of up to 50 tons per hour.

Hermasa brochure

Catálogo general de Hermasa. Diseño y fabricación de maquinaria para la conserva.
Hermasa is one of the principal manufacturers of canning machinery on the planet, one of the most international Spanish companies, with products in more than sixty countries on all five continents. he technical capacity of Hermasa is so well established that the whole market observes us, waiting for technical solutions to improve productivity in the canning industry. A leading company that sets the pace. Donwlodad our general brochure.