21/09/2017 Brazil

SMG Ltda. installs its first Tunipack

SMG Ltda. (Brazil) installs its first Tunipack.

15/09/2017 Bulgaria

Compass installs machines manufactured by Hermasa for their lines.

Compass (Bulgaria) installs machines manufactured by Hermasa for its tuna, sardina and mackerel lines.

08/09/2017 China

Ningbo Today acquires oneTunipack

Ningbo Today (China) acquires one Tunipack-300 DC.

23/04/2017 España

Hermasa reaches 34 countries with 207 Tunipack

Hermasa reaches 207 Tunipack in 34 countries, with machines in factories of 96 clients.

18/04/2017 Tailandia

Other Tunipack for Golden Prize

Golden Prize (Thailand) confirms to Hermasa its Tunipack number 14 (model Tunipack®-300 dc).