To be leader in the sector, one has to be at the front of the market. Hermasa's experience and its knowledge of the sector, international situation, competition, consumer trends and the world fishing context etc, enables it to bank on products that the industry is going to demand in the future. The second key to success lies in the capacity for product specialisation and customisation, adapting them to each client's individual situation.

Hermasa's third competitive advantage is its sector diversification. Years of full consolidation in the canning sector have made us similarly competitive in other fields that demand the same engineering capabilities that characterise our R+D team. We have copied our technological and production potential into other sectors, such as frozen products, vegetable or pet food canning.

The largest canning plant in the world is the work of Hermasa.

In short, you provide the product and personnel and we will deliver your factory with the specific production lines you require. At the end of the nineties, Hermasa constructed the world's largest canning plant on the American continent, specialising in sardines and tuna. This factory can process 1,200 tonnes per day.

The largest canning plant in the world is the work of Hermasa.

Turnkey construction.

For decades, Hermasa's engineers have proven its prototypes in the canning industry's installations for onsite observation of the efficiency of our equipment and technology. This is the best possible inspection. This provides us with first-hand information about our client's needs. The 'turnkey construction' service arose from this experience. You tell us what the company requires, what resources it has, how your production is planned for the coming years and we will deliver a customised factory taking into account allLlave en manothe possible criteria: space, number of operators, products type, production capacity, automation levels for all processes for cost savings and ergonomics etc.. Of course, we shall accompany you throughout its lifetime, with our maintenance and equipment modernisation service.

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